Equity, Diversity & Inclusion

Below you'll see the steps that the Jack.org Programs team has taken over the past 6 months to ensure our programs are accessible to all young people across Canada. We are committed to embedding this work into each and every aspect of Jack.org programs, and we want to keep you informed every step of the way. Look out for monthly updates on this page in the months ahead.

Jack Talks

  • Built out a new section on “social determinants of mental health,” including a new visual framework that is now incorporated into the talk

  • Updated the “Be There in a Crisis” section of our talk to offer more concrete advice to peer supporters, include alternatives (when appropriate) to calling the police, and acknowledge that different communities have different experiences when interacting with local police

  • Begun to explore modular pre-recorded talk options that could enable us to dive more deeply into issues and experiences relevant to diverse communities

  • Recorded a French talk to enable us to meet the needs of Francophone educators and youth

Jack Chapters

  • Updated training content to include social determinants of mental health content

  • Created two-tiered training models (LITE and PRO) to accommodate both the needs of chapters who have the interest/means to dive deeper and those who need a lower barrier to entry

  • Launched the Day of Collective Action (DOCA). DOCA gives Chapters across Canada the opportunity to collaborate with one another online and to create positive change in their communities 

Jack Summits

  • Reviewed and revamped safety considerations and guidelines for both in-person and virtual summits

  • Revamped our land acknowledgement through internal/external consultation, including a commitments piece by those delivering it

Be There

  • Added videos to BeThere.org featuring greater diversity of relationships (e.g. parent/child), age, gender identity, gender expression, race and sexual orientation

  • Engaged partners at We Matter to review Be There content and held a focus group with Indigenous young people to collect feedback and input on how to improve the safety, usefulness and cultural appropriateness of copy and imagery on BeThere.org and Etrela.org

Network Rep Program


  • Created new mechanisms to formally connect Network Representatives with Jack.org staff, including our Senior Management Team.

  • Youth Network Advisor role formalized to have two youth sit on our Board of Directors to bring youth voice forward at every level at Jack.org.

  • Formalized quarterly advisory meetings to enable more idea-sharing between Network Representatives and staff

...and More


  • Created (and filled) new management roles focused on regional growth and development

  • Completed internal audit of our disclosure and safety policies and laid out steps to fill gaps

  •  Discussed guidelines for building and maintaining psychological safety within staff team as part of a larger safety audit

  • Created measurable EDI commitments to end of 2020/21 fiscal year (including sharing progress with our network!)

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