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Equity,                 & Inclusion at 

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As a part of our commitment to creating a more inclusive space for network members, we are continuing to share back our progress in the Equity, Diversity and Inclusion space.

Jack Talks

  • We have introduced a new paid speaker model which will allow us to compensate our incredible speakers for their time and effort.

  • We are continuing to work alongside Indigenous speakers and communities to ensure that we are providing culturally competent resources, and that different approaches to wellness can be represented in our Talk.

  • The new social determinants model uses community-specific examples from the audience to explain the different systemic factors that can impact mental health.

  • The Talks slides now include an explicit call-out for local resources to be added, with the intent of including local resources that are relevant to communities and therefore account for diverse needs.


Jack Chapters

  • ​One of our focuses this year was to show our appreciation to the hard-working youth who are a part of Jack Chapters. This year, Chapter leads received a certificate recognizing the energy and dedication required to maintain an active Chapter during such a difficult time.

  •  In hopes of continuing to show our network how grateful we are for their commitment to, we held a virtual thank you event featuring talented musicians and speakers.

  • A gift card was also sent to each member of an active Chapter. We recognize that youth could spend their time in many different ways, but Chapter members chose to spend it working to improve the well-being of their peers. Because of this, we decided to take every network member “out for lunch” with this gift card to say "thank you”.


Jack Summits

  • With Provinces and Territories across the country in different stages of re-opening, the team is working together to create opportunities for youth to safely attend Jack Summits virtually and/or in person next school year.

  • We are continuing to forge relationships with youth agencies and other non-profits across the country with a goal of reaching more youth who could benefit from attending a Jack Summit.


Be There

  • We've conducted an Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA) audit and we are continuing to make the appropriate improvements based on results.

  • We’re continuing to add descriptive text to our web images.

  • All PDFs on the Additional Resources page have gone through an accessibility check and have been updated to make sure they meet accessibility standards.

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Network Rep Program


  • We recently set out to create a new set of values to guide us in our work and it was very important to us that these values be youth-informed. The Network Reps graciously offered their feedback and contributed to these values and principles which will be woven into everything we do at

  •  Network Reps were brought into conversations regarding our annual planning process at each stage.

  • The Network Reps continue to have frequent conversations with the members of our Executive leadership team which helps us to keep voices of Canadian youth front of mind.


...and More


  • Our staff participated in several organization-wide EDI training sessions.

  • Our staff attended a training session that focused on Indigenous People's mental health and intergenerational trauma.

  • Managers participated in an additional day-long EDI program.

  • We’ve created guidelines to help staff navigate the process of regional partnership development.

  • We created space for more voices to be represented in our “Untold” series and in our indigenous Peoples day series on Instagram.

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